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Root Causes of Hashimoto’s, Grave’s and other Thyroid Disorders


Without going in to the complexities of thyroid functions and presentations of thyroid disharmonies, we are going to take more of a look at the causes and triggers of thyroid disorders.

Often times, when doctors find thyroid dysfunction, they provide medications to balance thyroid hormones and do not continue to look for the root cause of the dysfunction. When doctors do look for the cause, they may go as far as testing and finding TPO antibodies in which case present with an autoimmune dysfunction. A positive result of a TPO test indicate TPO antibodies attacking the thyroid gland. (1,5)

Once autoimmune dysfunction is assumed to be the reason for the thyroid dysfunction, the search most times stops there instead of finding the reason for the autoimmune dysfunction. People are then provided with a Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease diagnosis of due to an autoimmune dysfunction with a no known cause. Another finding that is rarely observed and tested for, based one the lack of necessity, is that a person may have a gene mutation that has been triggered affecting the thyroid. It is common that both TPO antibodies and gene mutations go hand in hand. When a thyroid related gene mutation is triggered, a thyroid autoimmune dysfunction presents. But what is the trigger? And what sustains the dysfunction? Leaving these findings here without exploring and treating the triggers of the gene mutation and autoimmune dysfunction leaves people with a high risk of acquiring further health issues such as ALS, Parkinsons disease, cardiovascular disease and more. (1,2,3)


Gene mutations

Genetic mutations affecting the thyroid when triggered are GTHR (Generalized thyroid hormone resistance) mutation, GTHRAR (Generalized thyroid hormone resistance autosomal recessive) mutation and PRTH (Selective pituitary thyroid hormone resistance) mutations. (1,2)

Okay. so it’s a genetic thing. If we weren’t born with a thyroid disfunction, why do they present later on in life? Why at 15 years old, 45 or 75 years old?


Triggers of Gene Mutations In General

Medical literature, research and even medical board exams state infections trigger and sustain genetic mutations and autoimmune conditions. Many times, without infections of some kind, gene mutations lay dormant until activated by an infection. Environmental or toxic exposure can be another trigger. There are over 14,000 medical journals associating infections with genetic mutations triggering autoimmune dysfunction and cancer presentations on the EBSCOHOST database alone. (6)


Going Deeper: Triggers of Hashimotos and Graves Autoimmune Disease


  • Environmental exposure: Environmental exposure can trigger gene mutations, TPO antibodies, inflammation and degeneration of the thyroid gland. Environmental exposure can also weaken the immune system, making it easy for pathogens to set up camp in the body and begin to break it down. Many environmental exposures can be dealt with thus allowing the thyroid gland to regenerate and restore its normal function.


  • Infections: Infections are the big one and most commonly the main cause of autoimmune dysfunction that goes overlooked. When infections are considered a cause on a rare occasion, the chances of them being undetected is far greater than finding them. When they go undetected, then the autoimmune disorder remains to be a disorder with no known cause. Meanwhile, the infections can get worse causing further health challenges. In fact, people with an initial onset of Hashimotos or Graves Disease that is diagnosed as an autoimmune disease with no known cause have a high risk acquiring Parkinsons, ALS, Crohns, Sjogrens, Lupus, Alzheimers and or other severe autoimmune degenerative diseases, also with no known cause. When the cause all along is likely an undetected infection(s). Again, when the infection(s) are removed, the thyroid has the ability to regenerate and resume normal function. Then the risk of acquiring further autoimmune presentations would be far less. (1)


  • Inflammatory cytokines are potential triggers for thyroid dysfunction. Inflammatory cascades also generally manifest from infections. Without an infection of some kind, genetic mutations such as celiac (gluten sensitivity) do not present. That said, INFECTIONS have been found to be the largest trigger and sustainer of autoimmune presentations thus far.


The Most Common Trigger and Sustainers of Autoimmune Hashimoto’s and Grave’s Disease Are Undetected Infections

Whether or not someone has any of the genetic mutations affecting the thyroid gland and whether or not an infection can be found, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism presenting with Hashimotos or Graves disease is many times triggered by an infection the body cannot recognize nor can modern medicine. There are millions of pathogens in the world. Why would one think by testing for one pathogen or even ten pathogens be sufficient for ruling out an infection? Pathogens also mutate very quickly and trade DNA with other pathogens allowing them to change form in the body daily. There is really no way to keep up with testing procedures. Elevated white blood cell counts also do not rule out persistent infections either. In fact it is very common to have multiple systemic infections without an elevated white blood cell count. The body just does not recognize them.

That said, if the body does not recognize them and they cannot be tested for, how can we be sure infections are triggering autoimmune dysfunction? The answer is symptom diagnosis and previous medical research. If one presents with symptom clusters that do not seem related, then you can assume infection(s). When infections are assumed and treated correctly, then autoimmune presentations go dormant.


How Pathogens Trigger Autoimmune Dysfunction

Another pathogenic avenue occurs when its antigens (identifying mechanism) closely reflect the cells of one’s body. This can be another way pathogens go undetected by testing procedures. Certain bacterias can closely reflect the cells of the thyroid gland. Other bacterias can reflect the cells of the heart valves, others reflect the cells of nerve sheaths, others reflect brain cells and the list goes on. When bacteria reflect the cells of our own body, the body’s immune system can get confused and attack the cells closely related to the antigens of the infection. In the case of thyroid dysfunction, TPO antibodies attack the thyroid gland that mimic pathogenic antigens. If and when this undetected infection is addressed and taken care of, the thyroid gland can regenerate and normal thyroid function can be resumed (1,5)

If the root of the autoimmune presentation is not addressed, more serious health challenges should be assumed to present down the road. Autoimmune thyroid dysfunction goes hand in hand with other autoimmune diseases, many times because there are multiple systemic infections triggering and sustaining multiple autoimmune dysfunctions such as Parkinsons, ALS, cardiovascular disease, Crohns disease, Alzheimers disease, Sjogrens syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, cardiovascular disease and much more. Or because there are may be multiple gene mutations affected by the same pathogen(s). If they are not an issue at the present moment, based on medical data, the more serious issues previously stated can be assumed to be present down the road. (4)

Pathogens alter and consistently change their DNA so our immune system cannot detect them nor keep up with the morphing process. This is one reason why one can have a normal white blood cell count and be riddled with infections at the same time. Pathogens can survive through many antibiotic courses for many different reasons. They can also become resistant to antibiotics, they can hide and they can create protective biofilms and cysts preventing antibiotics from reaching them. When the antibiotic course os complete, they can come back out and reinfect the body.


The Treatment that Can Work

When done correctly, the right Chinese medicine herbal formula protocol combined with temporary lifestyle changes can help the body beat infection(s). With lifestyle modifications and the right herbal formulas, infections can be addressed, autoimmune presentations can go away and the body can resume its normal operating functions with health.

Do not wait to treat the root cause of autoimmune challenges. Take care of them now. The sooner you get them, the less suffering you will have to endure and the quicker you will be able to enjoy good health.

I like to use the Trillium Support Protocol for immune support for autoimmune challenges such as Graves and Hashimotos. The Trillium Support Protocol does not have any herbs with any polysaccharides, which exacerbate infections. The Trillium Support Protocol is designed to assist the immune system to do its job against all pathogen types. There herbs in these formulas that also help to safely decrease pain, moderate symptoms, provide energy and assist the antimicrobial herbs to do their job effectively by helping the body to break down biofilms, provide lymph drainage, support the liver and more.



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