Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine for Lyme disease

Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Chinese Medicine with Western Integrated Facets

Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine is possible when performed correctly, safely and gently. Dr. Patrick Lynch has been through Lyme disease, as well, he has successfully helped put many in remission. Dr. Lynch’s approach helps the body rid itself of the pathogens associated with Lyme disease and co-infections. With right treatment, symptoms can ameliorate and reverse relatively quickly. Lyme disease remission, with Chinese herbal medicine, when used correctly, with western medical facets, is the new and most successful way by keeping people in remission.


Lyme related Borrellia and other Spirochetes

Spirochetal infections related to Lyme disease can infect anywhere in the body. Symptoms can manifest as migrating joint pains, fatigue, brain fog, depression, bipolar or schizophrenic symptoms, pain over the heart area, hair loss, intermittent ear pain, intermittent urinary restriction, thyroid issues, digestive issues, abdominal pain, eye disorders, intermittent fevers, degenerative and dozens of auto-immune issues and more. With Lyme disease infections, the sky is the limit for symptom possibilities. By slowly and carefully eliminating the cause with Chinese herbal medicine, and carefully keeping the immune system quiet, symptoms disappear.

A positive test for Lyme disease is associated with a positive antibody or PCR test to one spirochete pathogen called Borrellia Bougdorferi. There are thousands of spirochetes that exist in nature. Lyme disease tests test for one single spirochete pathogen. People who present with Lyme disease symptoms have a better chance testing negative because other spirochetes do not show up on the test and they are not associated with Lyme disease. However, these other spirochetes can cause the same symptoms, and many times worse! There are spirochetes that live naturally in the mouth (treponema) and in the stomach (H pylori). With poor oral hygiene or diet, these spirochetes can get out of control and root around the infect areas, such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system, pericardium, fascia, joints, skin, eyeballs, nose, brain and more.

Another reason for negative diagnoses may be that the Lyme disease Borrelia spirochete’s DNA has morphed and changed. At the single cell level, DNA is in a constant state of flux. This makes it difficult for testing procedures to pick up the pathogen, because the saved DNA sample in a machine is not in a constant state of flux with the changing form of actual Borrelia spirochetes.

When a Lyme disease test comes up negative, other diagnoses are commonly made as a disease with no known cause, such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, MS, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, alopecia, macular degeneration, cardiovascular issues, Parkinson’s, disease, Sjorgren’s syndrome, disk degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, atrial fibrillation, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and much more.



Co-infections that accompany the Lyme disease Borrellia pathogen, such as babesia and bartonella, cause symptoms such as night sweats, pain, sciatica, rheumatoid presentations, skin rashes, headaches, spine pain, rib pain, electrical-like shooting pains, symptoms of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and more. They have been known to embed themselves in vascular tissue (blood vessel tissue) and create protective layers over them, making it difficult for antibiotics and many herbs to penetrate into these hard to reach areas to reach and kill the infection. Certain Chinese herbs can be successfully used to break down protective layers in vascular and other tissue, helping the antimicrobial herbal properties of other herbs reach the sites of infections. With Lyme disease treatment, treating co-infections are just as important. By alternating antimalarial herbs with different biochemical properties in a co-infection Chinese medicine formulation every 8 weeks, can offset resistance and keep the healing progress moving forward.


Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS)

When the body has more than one infection, the immune system can become compromised, thus, opening the door for other pathogens to infect the body, such as protozoans and other parasites, candida overgrowth, molds, yeasts, fungi, other forms of bacteria such as staphylococcus, enterococcus and more. Many times, this can all be brought under control by supporting the immune system with Chinese medicine and modified diet.

One may not ever know exactly what types of pathogens one has, but if one has weird unexplained symptoms that don’t seem related, it is likely one has them. By using the right herbs to address the body’s presentation through Chinese medical diagnostics, symptoms can go away, not by addressing the symptoms, but by understanding how all pathogenic categories behave in the body and by helping the body effectively address the pathogens involved.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Lyme disease treatment can be a successful experience when Chinese medicine herbal formulas are formulated correctly according to one’s presentation.

The Chinese herbs that help the body address malarial infections such as Babesia and Bartonella have antimalarial biochemical properties that reach inside the red blood cells. They also treat the Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern presentation, these infections create.

There are Chinese herbs that help the body destroy yeast and candida overgrowth. There are studies that have found certain Chinese herbs to destroy fluconazole resistant candida.

There are Chinese herbs that help the body destroy spirochetes, wide-spread bacteria species, fungi, protozoans and more.

With one cup of tea, the right Chinese herbs can pierce and destroy resilient Borrellia biofilms and cystic formations that cause constant annoyance and pain. There is a time and a special way of doing this so the infection that comes out of cystic form does not become systemic and cause a systemic reaction.

There are Chinese herbs that dissolve vascular plaques. This helps expose hidden pathogens so the antimicrobial properties of the antimicrobial herbs can penetrate into the vascular tissue to help the body address hidden pathogen.

There are herbs that penetrate the blood brain barrier, increase circulation in the brain, dissolve amyloid plaques in the brain and help the body address hidden pathogens in the brain. This can stop the feeling of brain fog, reverse short term memory loss, reverse the inability to find words and stops the process of brain tissue degeneration.

There are powerful Chinese herbs to reduce inflammation. Where there is inflammation, blood and body fluids stagnate, thus indirectly protecting pathogens from antimicrobial properties of certain herbs. By reducing inflammation with certain herbs, the antimicrobial biochemical properties of the antimicrobial herbs can reach those places to do their job more efficiently.

Where there is pain, there is lack of sufficient blood-flow, as well, there can be lack of organ function. There are herbs that help increase blood-flow in any specific area of the body. For example intestinal peristalsis can be increased by increasing the flow of blood in the abdomen. This helps produce better bowel movements. By increasing blood-flow to the lower back or neck, pain is decreased. With herbs, there are as many functions needed to bring the body back to optimal health.

There are Chinese herbs that directly assist with depressive episodes, anxiety and insomnia.

In order to have success treating people with Lyme disease, Chinese medicine practitioners need to understand how all pathogenic categories behave in the body; as well the biochemical properties of herbs address all pathogenic behavior; not just their TCM natures. Without this knowledge, effectiveness is limited.

Chinese herbs can be dosed effectively and gently. This helps people who have chronic infections gradually feel better, instead of feeling much worse from taking a single dose of an antibiotic, where antibiotic dosing cannot be controlled as easily.


Wrong Herbal Choices

Many doctors and even Lyme literate doctors are unaware of the wrong herbal choices. People will likely not improve with certain popular biochemical properties in herbs used for Lyme disease herbs treatment, even if they have strong antimicrobial properties. Certain biochemical properties of herbs excite infections. When the infections get excited, the immune system reacts and causes symptoms. This prevents progress.

Many herbalists and Chinese medicine herbalists are unaware of these biochemical properties that prevent people from getting all the way better and instead make people get worse over time. For example, astragalus is a poplar herb to use for Lyme disease. It may help with increasing energy with a small percentage of the people, but it will also excite infections, which will in turn cause immune reactions, which will in turn exacerbate symptoms and potentially make infections worse.


Acupuncture for People with Lyme Disease Herbs

Acupuncture can be very helpful in moderating symptoms associated with Lyme disease. Acupuncture can help reduce and eliminate pain, headaches, reduce ear and eye disorders, help with sleep, aid in reducing depression, anxiety and mood swings. It can also assist with improving digestion and acute abdominal pain.

Where there is inflammation and pain, there is stagnation of blood and energy. This can be an area where Lyme disease infections persist. Using acupuncture can release the stagnation and effectively restore energy and blood-flow to the area of pain, thus reducing and many times eliminating pain. This can assist the Lyme disease herbal treatment. Reducing inflammation can help the antimicrobial properties of antimicrobial herbs reach the areas that were once difficult to reach due to the inflammation.


Working with the MTHFR Gene Mutation

People who have Lyme disease and or other infections, many times cannot detox very well or at all. They may have debilitating symptoms and cannot effectively begin to kill off infections without feeling much worse. Many times, people cannot afford to feel any worse, so they feel stuck.

There is hype about the need for folate and or methylcobalamin, or both, to help the body detox with MTHFR gene mutation. There is research that supports the use of folate and methylcobalamin when people know they have the MTHFR gene mutation, and granted there are times when folate and methylcobalamin are helpful. There are also times when infections get to a certain point, these two methylated B vitamins make people worse.

Research shows certain pathogenic microbes feed off both of these methylated B vitamins. Sometimes their life depends on them. When pathogenic microbes get excited from having B vitamins that support their existence, the immune system responds with immune reactions. In other words, with herbs for Lyme disease treatment infections and the MTHFR gene mutation, these two methylated B vitamins can make people with debilitating symptoms worse.

Even though the methylation cycle may appear to need folate when folate is deficient, there are ways around using folate to support detoxification, so infections aren’t supported and immune reactions are not sustained.


Genetic Mutations and Pathogenic Microbes

Anyone with the MTHFR gene mutation likely has infections. Genetic mutations need to be turned on in order to present with symptoms associated with specific disease manifestations. Genetic mutations such as Crohn’s, UC, MS, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, ALS, CRPS, thyroid disease, MTHFR, PCOS, Lupus and more, need to be triggered, or turned on. When the pathogenic load gets too abundant for the body to handle, the switch flips with these genetic mutations and people begin to experience symptoms associated with them. Some of these genetic mutations are hereditary and some are somatic, meaning our genes change due to the potential of pathogenic influence.


When You Do Not Have a Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Lyme disease remission, with Chinese herbal medicine is the modern and most effective approach to successful healing. Chinese medicine has it’s own system of diagnostics, so one’s presentation can be treated effectively. It is a benefit to have a Western diagnosis but not necessary. A Western medical diagnosis can help Chinese medicine practitioners manage and find solutions to certain infections.

Lyme disease treatment, with Chinese herbal medicine can be held indefinitely if the practitioner understands the nature of pathogenic resistance, pathogenic protective habits and detoxification, along with patient cooperation.


Patrick Lynch L.Ac., D.A.O.M.

Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine

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