Olive Leaf – Qing Guo

Qing guo - Olive leaf

Qing Guo – Oleaceae – Olive Leaf – Chief Anti-microbial

Cardioprotective Root Functions: Antibacterial, anti-spirochetal, anti-viral, anti-yeast, anti-fungal.

Western Symptom functions:

Relieve pain, increase cognition, reduce fatigue, improve digestion, improve circulation, improve vision, improve sleep and many other symptoms associated with Lyme related disease.

Western properties:

Over 1,800 studies and articles of Oleaceae have been published in one medical database. Over 1,700 have been published of its main biochemical compound, oleuropein. Oleaceae has shown to possess strong and wide range antimicrobial properties, as well antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti- obesity, anti-arthrogenic, anti-hypertensive, nephroprotective, hepatoprotective and cardioprotective properties. Oleaceae plays a strong role in reversing metabolic syndrome.86-90

Western Bioactive Biomedical Biochemical Compound:


Chinese medicine description:

Qing Guo is sweet, sour and neutral in temperature. Qing guo is used for relieving toxicity such as infectious disease or even intoxication. It also generates fluids. In regard to infections there are aspects of both dampness and dryness. Dampness coagulates and hardens and dryness results in the tissues. Addressing dryness and coagulated dampness, by generating fluids, lubricates dry pathways to coagulated pathogenic areas. This assists the biochemical properties of other herbs to optimize their function. Generating fluids can also address lubricating organ, tendon, fascia, muscle, skin and other tissues that can become dry as a result of infections.78


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