Lyme disease treatment

Consultation with Dr. Patrick Lynch

1 hour consultation: $100. 

Understanding promotes hope. Hope promotes action. Action promotes change. 

A consultation with Dr. Patrick Lynch is a great way to understand your healing process.

Patrick Lynch nearly died from Lyme related disease before he learned that was the problem. When he learned Lyme disease was the culprit, Patrick regained his health in 9 months. Patrick has not treated himself for Lyme disease in years and has completely recovered from all symptoms associated with Lyme disease.

  • Receive the answers that have brought others to health that can also bring you back to health. 
  • Understand the ins and outs of keeping reactions and symptoms at bay as best as possible.
  • Understand triggers of mast cell immune reactions. 
  • Learn how to differentiate between Herxheimer reactions and mast cell immune reactions.
  • Ask questions pertaining to Lyme, co-infections, testing, dietary modifications, supplements and herbal medicine.
  • This consultation will be very educating and enlightening. 
  • Make this consultation yours and find answers to your questions. 

Patrick Lynch owns and operates Sky Ridge Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine –



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