Lyme disease treatment

Consultation with Dr. Patrick Lynch

$150 per hour

Receive a thorough understanding of what it may take to to help you reach your goals.

A consultation with Dr. Patrick Lynch is a great way to understand your healing process.

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Dr. Patrick Lynch nearly died from Lyme related disease before he learned that was the problem. When he learned Lyme disease was the culprit, Patrick regained his health in 9 months. Patrick has not treated himself for Lyme disease in years and has completely recovered from all symptoms associated with Lyme disease and co-infections.

  • Receive the answers that have brought himself and others to health that may also be helpful in bringing you back to health. 
  • Understand the ins and outs of keeping reactions and symptoms at bay as best as possible.
  • Understand triggers of mast cell immune reactions and how to prevent them. 
  • Learn how to differentiate between Herxheimer reactions and when you might be off-track; as well, what it means to be off-track. What does it mean to be on track how will you know you are on track. 
  • Ask questions pertaining to Lyme, co-infections, testing, dietary modifications, supplements and herbal medicine.
  • This consultation will be very educating, enlightening and could help you begin making headway with your treatment. 
  • Find answers to your questions.