Japanese Knotweed from a Clinical Perspective

Japanese Knotweed from a Clinical Perspective

Popular Herb For Co-infections Japanese Knotweed has been the hype as an herb used to help fight co-infections, such as bartonella, for many years. Sometimes hype is hype because everyone uses it whether it works or not. Japanese knotweed contains polysaccharides that feed infections that make people respond with an increase in symptoms. Some polysaccharides […]

MCAS – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome


There are keys to reducing and eliminating symptoms associated with chronic MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome). Reducing and then preventing MCAS and detox reactions is key to making progress with treatment. Current Medical Misconception of Chronic MCAS with Many Doctors It was once believed that if one did not present with fever, nausea and an elevated […]

How Many People in the United States have Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease in the United States

Population studies of people with Lyme disease in the United States Most people do not achieve answers as to why they are ill, why they are having intermittent chronic symptoms and why they can’t seem to get better. People find themselves searching for answers in the internet and commonly ask, “how many people in the […]

The Best Herbs for Lyme Disease Treatment

The Best Herbs for Lyme Disease Treatment

 Subscribe in a reader The Best Herbs for Lyme Disease Treatment   No one person shares the exact same symptom presentation of Lyme disease and co-infections; as well people with Lyme disease infections are at different stages of the disease, so no treatment is the same. However, there does exist the best herbs for Lyme […]

Post Treatment Lyme Disease Symptoms (PTLDS)

  Post Treatment After treatment is complete and the patient is released from combatting Lyme disease infections, some symptoms may persist in an intermittent manner. Some PTLDS symptoms may be mild while some may be more severe. Generally, the severe PTLDS symptoms work themselves out quickly; within 2-3 months.  True post treatment Lyme disease syndrome […]

Alzheimer’s Misdiagnosed as Lyme Disease

Kris Kristofferson – Kris Kristofferson Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s Lyme disease is associated with the spirochete pathogen, Borrellia Bougdorferi. Bougdorferi is one of many pathogens that often go overlooked that can cause Alzheimer’s as well many other diseases with labeled as a disease with “no known cause”. Or doctors may just say, “it’s your genes.” […]

Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid

Lyme disease - Hyperthyroid/hypothyroid

Root Causes of Hashimoto’s, Grave’s and other Thyroid Disorders   Without going in to the complexities of thyroid functions and presentations of thyroid disharmonies, we are going to take more of a look at the causes and triggers of thyroid disorders. Often times, when doctors find thyroid dysfunction, they provide medications to balance thyroid hormones […]

Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine for Lyme disease

Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine  Chinese Medicine with Western Integrated Facets Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine is possible when performed correctly, safely and gently. Dr. Patrick Lynch has been through Lyme disease, as well, he has successfully helped put many in remission. Dr. Lynch’s approach helps the body rid itself of the […]

Lyme Disease Diet

Lyme disease diet

Lyme Disease Diet Most times, dietary modifications are an essential component to a successful chronic Lyme disease treatment. Lyme pathogens thrive with foods that metabolize as a polysaccharides and yeasts. Some examples are sugars, yeasts, dairy lactose (sugars), vinegars except apple cider vinegar, alcohol and so on. With a healthy Lyme disease diet, a successful […]