Lyme Disease Remission, with Chinese Herbal Medicine 

What is Lyme Disease Remission? 

What does it mean to reach true remission from symptoms associated with Lyme Disease? Lyme disease Remission is when one feels much better. One may have their life back and may be able to do things they have not been able to do for a long time. Most or all of their chronic symptoms are gone. They can resume a normal life without dietary modifications (with the exception of gluten most times), without Lyme treatment and without relapsing. Immediately after one completes treatment, PTLDS (post treatment Lyme disease syndrome) is expected. However, over time, with true Lyme disease remission, these symptoms continue to become less and less until they finally disappear.


With chronic Lyme disease, many people are left with nerve damage, other tissue damage and many times a toxic load that still needs to be flushed out of the body. The tissue damage and toxic load may contribute to symptoms associated with PTLDS (post treatment Lyme disease syndrome). However, as symptoms continue to decrease with a normal diet and lifestyle, then true remission is still considered. As long as all symptoms improve during the regeneration process without further treatment, then one has reached true remission from Lyme disease. When one has discontinued treatment and they feel better for 4-5 months; then increased symptoms begin to set in and remain without going away, that is not Lyme disease remission.


Dr. Lynch’s Lyme Disease Treatment Protocols

Not one size fits all, so to speak, with Lyme disease treatment. However, there are many overlapping factors one “must” take, in order to put Lyme disease in remission and have it remain in remission. Helping the body resolve the pathogen(s), detoxification, dietary modifications and control over mental, physical and emotional stress and working with each individual’s specific challenge(s) around the disease are all facets the need to be addressed in supporting one’s Lyme disease treatment. Some of these facets may be but certainly not limited to constipation, insomnia, cardiovascular issues and or mental health issues.


Lyme disease remission with Chinese Herbal Medicine, is possible when Lyme disease treatment is applied safely, and gently. Dr. Lynch healed himself from chronic debilitating Lyme disease and multiple co-infections, as well, he has successfully helped many others reach and remain in remission.


Dr. Lynch’s Approach from Sickness to Wellness

Dr. Lynch’s scientific approach to Lyme disease treatment helps the body rid itself of the pathogens associated with Lyme disease, co-infections and all categories of pathogens. Dr. Lynch’s protocols include dietary modifications, the right herbal formulas and self-control of physical/mental/emotional stress. Many times, symptoms significantly reduce within one month when people are impeccable with Dr. Lynch’s treatment suggestions. With continued treatment by supporting the liver and adrenals, increasing one’s energy without increasing the energy of pathogens, addressing one’s specific health challenges associated with Lyme disease, helping  the body go rid itself pf all categories of infections in an intelligent orderly manner and using special Chinese herbs to root out hidden pathogens in all areas of the body, one can reach Lyme disease remission. The rooting out of hidden pathogens in the body is one area where Chinese medicine shines, if the practitioner knows what they are doing. The well-known herbs, Sang leng and e zhu (spargani and zedoria curcuma) are small potatoes and will not complete the job, compared to other herbs used to dig deep into the luo mai in the final stages of Lyme treatment to root out hidden pathogens. Besides getting a Lyme disease infection again from outside the body, prevention of reinfection is done by rooting out and helping the body annihilate all categories of infections.


Dr. Patrick Lynch’s Personal Experience

After being debilitated with crazy chronic pain, feeling like he was holding on to an electric fence at times, having many hospitalizations and three near death experiences, Dr. Lynch figured out he had Lyme disease. He figured it out on his own, with the help from a course on Lyme disease at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. As a life-long health nut and Chinese medicine practitioner, he treated himself. Within 9 months he reached remission. Since then it has been years without the need for treatment and with no relapse. Dr. Lynch went on to continue his studies on Lyme disease, infectious disease, autoimmune disease and chronic symptoms for 4 years while attending a doctorate program in Chinese medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He did his doctorate capstone thesis on “How to Clinically Identify and Effectively Treat People with Lyme Disease with Chinese Medicine.” His capstone presentation impressed many who came to witness his presentation at the school. There was a lot of energy around Dr. Lynch’s presentation from professors, students and doctors of the local medical community who came to observe the graduate capstone presentations. Some asked him to speak and present to groups. Since then, Dr. Lynch has become an autoimmune and Lyme disease specialist. His practice is in Bend Oregon. He has helped many people with Lyme disease, infectious disease and autoimmune disease feel better and reach new levels of health in short periods of time. He has also helped people reach true remission, where people can resume their normal lifestyle without the need for further treatment and not relapse. Dr. Lynch continues to treat patients, research and expand Trillium’s message.


Dr. Lynch’s thoughts on other protocols

Dr. Lynch does not conform to popular herbs for Lyme disease and Lyme disease protocols. If he did, he would likely make more sales and more money. Most times, those herbs and protocols do not bring true remission. In fact, many of those popular herbs for Lyme disease help the body address some pathogens while feeding and exciting others at the same time. So, people end up chasing their tail with treatment, so to speak. If those herbs brought remission, Dr. Lynch would be all over it.


Dr. Lynch sticks with what he knows to be the best herbs for Lyme disease treatment. Many times, people come to Dr. Lynch when nothing else has worked. If people let him, he helps them get them better. Due to Dr. Lynch’s personal experience in overcoming Lyme disease, his clinical experience and continued research, he feels that Trillium’s Lyme support formulas contain the best herbs for Lyme disease. He believes they are the most effective products to implement in one’s Lyme disease treatment regimen to reach true remission from Lyme disease.

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